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Best Amulets for Socketing Legendary Gems in Diablo 3 RoS ?

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The Blizzard developers have already confirmed that Legendary Gems on the Diablo3 RoS PTR for Patch 2.1 can only be socketed into amulets and rings. This means that you can only have 3 Legendary gems on you at a time.

It?s important to keep in mind that you cannot wear 2 Legendary gems of the same name at a time. You technically cannot wear two Legendary items with the same name at the same time. But what good are extras? Aside from these being gear for your alts, you can also choose better stats between the Legendary items you have.

I think that until you have a Legendary Amulet that has the DPS trifecta and a socket, you hold off on putting the Legendary gem in. Unless of course you go into high-level Greater Rifts regularly and you can unsocket the jewel with impunity thanks to all your gold and materials. If you really want to use the gem already, though, consider forging a yellow amulet with a socket and a DPS trifecta until you get the Legendary Amulet with all the bells and whistles, so to speak. This way, you just have to salvage the item when you want to get the gem instead of unsocketing it for millions.

So what are the best Legendary Amulets for socketing the Unique gems in Diablo 3 RoS? Take a look:

1. Hellfire Amulet

Technically, this isn?t even implemented yet on the PTR but it?s been confirmed that it?s going to be part of Patch 2.1. What makes this Amulet so awesome? Well, when you roll the amulet you get a free passive skill as an affix to the item. That?s right! It?s like you have another slot for a passive skill.

The bad news is that it?s one of the most difficult items to craft since you need 10 Forgotten Souls for one crafting. We all know that you might have effectively won the lottery if you manage to get the passive skill you want, the DPS trifecta and a socket in the first iteration so be prepared to fork over your money and mats to the Blacksmith.

2. Countess Julia?s Cameo

While a lot of players argue that specializing in one damage negation is not efficient, I personally think that tanks can benefit from being immune and getting healed by Arcane damage. In a huge mob where everyone is seeding sentries, you may find the root of one dropped on your head and you are unable to get away. If you pair this amulet with a Blackthorne set, there?s little else that can kill you by way of floor effect.

3. Kymbo?s Gold

If you?re in a gold mining mood or want to craft the perfect set of items for yourself, socketing a Boon of the Hoarder in this amulet can make your gold find explode. This amulet gives you 75%-100% more gold while the gem procs an explosion of gold when you kill an enemy. Wear a Goldskin and Goldwrap and you?re a murdering Midas.

What do you think of my suggestions? There may be better options out there so drop me a comment and let?s discuss. I?ll add your suggestions if I find them suitably OP or clever.

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