Best 90s Anime that Deserve Their Own Live-Action Adaptation

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90s anime

Lately, Hollywood has been adapting dozens of comic-book properties into live-action movies, drawing in millions of fans, new and old. The Avengers, Iron Man, Batman and even less mainstream superheroes like the Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man, have all had their share of the spotlight. But Otaku fans are now beckoning, what about OUR heroes? And we do not mean a half baked Goku or Piccolo, or a bear Godzilla (Again, thank you Hollywood).?We mean guns ablaze, real spirit energy and demons, 30 minutes to make a three-point shot and a Japanese studio producing the movie. Just an honest-to-goodness live-action adaptation of some of the most significant (there are definitely much much more) 90s anime, like the ones below:


Guns? Check. Badass villains? Check. Comedy, a (semi) love-story and drama? Check. Oh and don?t forget the Punisher (not you Frank).

A western setting with just little CGI required should have appealed even to budget conscious directors long ago, but Vash and the rest of the gang have since remained in the small screen and reformatted versions, so far.

Aside from the projected low production cost, Trigun also has a very lovable protagonist in Vash, who will be easily loved by fans and non-fans, alike. Along with Wolfwood, Meryl and Milly, this gun toting, rambunctious bunch can definitely be lots of fun to watch on the big screen.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Ray gannnn! Do you remember ray-ganning your teachers, friends and classmates? Wouldn?t it be cool to see an actual person ray-gun Toguro?

With repeated airing, thousands of merchandise, and numerous remastering, Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara have remained timeless heroes in the eyes of fans and newfound ghost fighters. But whereas the Ghostbusters have seen a remake of the cult classic, Yu Yu Hakusho has only seen itself materialize in toys, manga and playgrounds (and classrooms).

With a deep, engaging storyline, a lovable cast and very humorous dialogues, Yu Yu Hakusho truly deserves to manifest in movie theaters.

Slam Dunk

One of the most iconic 90s anime, Slam Dunk is what Kuroko no Basuke is to today?s basketball anime fandom plus more. Many would remember just forming their own basketball teams in school just to replicate the scenes of this popular anime.

Fan made videos have already popped about online, clamoring for a true full-length live action movie to relive and rejoin Sakuragi and the rest of the Shohoku team in their quest for basketball and personal glory. Here’s re-imagined Shohoku Players in real-life.

90s Anime

Slam Dunk Cosplay

There are so many other 90s anime that deserve a shot at the big screen! What are your suggestions? Let us know in the comments section below!

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