Berserk Season 2 Spoilers: Battle Between Guts and the God Hand To Happen This Season?

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Berserk Anime Season 2 will finally happen on April 2017. But as early as now, some new hints on the previous season led to some juicy second season spoilers. According to sources, the next season might feature more on Guts, the God Hand, and the Egg Apostle.

The previous season, despite being able to address loose ends, didn?t show enough of Guts and the rest. Farnese might be featured too. After helping Guts in an impressive but shocking way, it?s a question whether she will remain a changed warrior, or return to her practices.

The way Luca saved Nina impressed viewers. A simple reminder that there is hope for the two. This upcoming Berserk Anime Season 2 series is based on the Golden Age Arc film trilogy. Kentaro Miura’s “Berserk” manga previously featured an anime series in 1997 covering the Conviction arc and the Black Swordsman arc.

Berserk tells the story of Guts, who was taken by the ?Band of the Hawk? led by Griffith. When Griffith won their battle, Guts became his right hand. Together, they fought battles in and out of their territories. Until Griffith decided, things are not enough and wishes to gain the power of ?God Hand.?

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Guts and Griffith?s paths will separate, until things led to their eventual declaration as enemies. As Guts tries to seek vengeance, he will need to talk to the God Hand?s Apostles in order to track down Griffith. It will not be a short process, but Guts is a determined warrior.

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A description of the Berserk warrior was posted on the comicvine and it says, ?Guts is from the manga series Berserk. He was born from a hanging corpse and swings a huge sword known as the Dragonslayer. He hunts demons to avenge the deaths of his comrades and tries to get his revenge on Griffith. He is the Black Swordsman.?

Berserk Anime Season 2 is expected to feature the battle between Guts and the God Hand. As he seeks to avenge his girlfriend, he?s willing to rise and face off Griffith. Currently on a hiatus, the second season of Berserk will arrive in the middle of 2017.

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