Berserk Musou: How Faithful Will It Be to the Manga Series?

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Berserk Musou

Koei Tecmo?s source material for its next Musou game, Berserk, is set in a dark medieval fantasy world which usually involves gore and violence when their characters fight. Koei Tecmo will have to recreate the manga?s touch of macabre in the game, not only to please its fans but also to prevent the game from being rated mature by video game regulation boards. Will Koei Tecmo?s Berserk Musou be faithful to the original series?

From the looks of its first trailer unveiled at E3, the gore in the upcoming game appears to have been toned down to look cool other than just plain brutal. In the manga, side characters could die in horrible ways when sliced up with a large weapon or bleed profusely when an arrow hits their head. The series is famous for its visuals, which balance medieval warfare realism and the Japanese action series? fight scenes. Additionally, the series also features horrific imagery which includes menacing demons and upsetting body horror. It?s possible that Koei Tecmo may tone it down to reach a larger audience rather than stay completely faithful to the source material which could rival Mortal Kombat X?s level of gore.

According to WCCFtech, the Berserk Musou game will cover the Golden Age arc to the Millennium Falcon arc and recreate some of the memorable Berserk anime, manga, and movie scenes. Mostly, anime series-based video game releases like One Piece Pirate Warriors and Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm are set in the climactic moments of the original content, whether it be a single scene or a full arc. In rare cases, the video game developers are allowed to use a unique story provided by its original author, similar to Jojo?s Bizarre Adventure Eyes of Heaven and Sword Art Online Hollow Realization.

If you?ve followed the series until its latest chapter, you?ll have an idea on who the possible characters and bosses are in the upcoming game. The international release date of Koei Tecmo?s Berserk Musou is yet to be announced, but it will be released in Japan in September on ?PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

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