Berserk Anime Season 2 Confirmed for 2017; Season 1 Gives Clues on New Season Arc?

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The Berserk anime will be on hiatus. But the good news is that Berserk Season 2 will be released in 2017. According to reports, the last episode of Berserk, entitled, ?Those Who Cling, Those Who Struggle? had already hinted at the second season of the animated series.

In a review provided by IGN, Berserk transitioned to a series with a smooth closure, with a twist that hinted at the next story arc. There were no loose ends, especially with the series? supporting cast. However, Guts did have a story that had limited info on his existence.

His story and the Egg Apostle, as well as the God Hand, were short lived. Probably in preparation for Berserk Anime Season 2? Nevertheless, the whole story of Berserk completed every detail of a finite story. Luca?s impressive way of saving her friend Nina gained praise in Berserk. Her way of battling monsters is greatly expected in the next season of Berserk anime.

Guts and the God Hand did not have the expected ending. Still, the story arc provided enough details to hint at what happened in the end. Farnese, on the other hand, finally had the courage to come out and help Guts fight the blood demons. Could it be that she?s now a changed warrior? Or is there something underneath her helping Guts?


About Berserk

Berserk anime tells the story of wandering mercenary, Guts. After he was defeated by the ?Band of Hawk? leader Griffith, Guts became his right hand. Their journey to battles led them to fight Nosferatu Zodd, who found something mysterious about Griffith. As Zodd defeated Guts and Griffith, he warned the former that staying in his company will bring more threats to Guts life.

As Guts stayed in his company, things started to go the other way around. Griffith became a prisoner and mutilated beyond repair, and he sacrificed his soldiers in order to regain strength and power. Guts witnessed all of his fellow soldiers become the sacrificial offering of Griffith. That?s when Guts decided to separate paths with Griffith, endangering his own life.

Berserk Anime Season 2 is scheduled for release in 2017. For more information and details about the series, make sure to check us here on TheBitBag.


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