Below: The Beautiful Sense That You Can Find In This Brutal, Mysterious and Dangerous Game

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Capy Games poured in tons of enthusiasm in completing this difficult, dangerous and brutal game destined for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The game is called “Below” which has been in development for years already. What a relief that it finally got?released! Most gamers are in for some straight adventure that surprises the player of his possible wrong turns.

The game is mostly covering the player-character on top view. While “Below” doesn’t really join the latest mainstream action-packed video game treatment, it keeps the player engaged by enjoying the exploration – being not able to see everything all around.

What can only be seen in the whole game screen is a minimal area covered by the character’s torch as well as those areas lit?by the enemies, carrying a light source. This “sense of limit” drives the character to be more careful against the impending trouble along the way.

“Below” can be very brutal against carelessness. There’s a good reason why the character is made to carry a torch, a shield and a sword – he should be equally mindful in fighting known enemies, protecting himself from some surprising attacks and watching around for environmental danger.

This smart scenario combination can already get the player hooked. If the player is skillful enough in overcoming the points of survival, only then can he attain the level of discovery. This is where the player can unlock the other parts of the game’s story.

The player, knowing that he is a little wanderer in this really big world, should be cautious enough in approaching unfamiliar territory. He is not encouraged to make bold strong moves in “combos” but a sense of observation in the stage of exploration.

There are no intense monsters but more ?mystery and danger. This is the beauty that “Below” exhibits – putting the player back to his core analysis and responses. The developers intended this game to feel natural, with beautiful touches that gives you a sense of atmosphere, even though it did not go big-time on fantasy graphics.

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