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Belle & June Bathroom Sets: Keep Your Bathroom Essentials Neat and Organized

Beautify your bathroom with ease.

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Give your bathroom a makeover with Belle & June:

  • Versatile, useful, and stylish bathroom items
  • Keep your toiletries and bathroom essentials organized
  • Maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom

When it comes to furnishing a house, some people tend to overlook the bathroom. However, it’s important to pay some attention to your bathroom space. Aside from maintaining its cleanliness, you should also invest in versatile bathroom furniture and other essentials. Having useful and smart bathroom essentials will make your bathroom look neat and organized. Belle & June has a variety of fancy and functional bathroom sets to adorn your bathroom with and keep all your bathroom essentials in place.

Their bestseller is the Cordoba White Bathroom Set which perfectly matches any bathroom with its all-white and simple yet sophisticated design. 

It includes a wastebasket, tissue box, soap dish, soap pump, vanity trays, and canister. Each item is made of white durable ceramic material to keep your most-used toiletries organized and within reach. 

If you prefer a more sophisticated and detailed design, the Callas Silver and White Lacquered Eggshell Bathroom Set is a great choice. It is varnished with finely cracked eggshells, giving off a mosaic-like finish. The upgraded ancient Asian technique with a whitewashed look will brighten up any bathroom.

This set contains the same items as the Cordoba White Bathroom Set. They are handmade but aren’t dishwasher-safe. Make sure to clean it with a damp and soft cloth and mild soap. Don’t use any harsh chemicals or detergents in order to maintain the design and color.

Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with the Pomaria Brushed Silver Bathroom Set. It’s made of glass and stainless steel with a silver brushed finish to accentuate its glamorous style with light-catching crackled glass accented in dark bronze. This will make your bathroom look modern and elegant. 

The items included in this set, which are the same as the previous sets, are semi-transparent so you can find your toiletries and other bathroom essentials with ease. Regardless of the color of your bathroom walls, Belle & June is sure to beautify any bathroom space.