Bellator 149 Highlights: Scenes You MIght Have Missed

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Check out the highlights from the recent Bellator 149 event.

Bellator MMA may not be the grandest Mixed Martial Arts events as compared to UFC, but it can still pack a wallop in terms of event match ups — enough to be dubbed as the Toughest Tournament in Sports. We are here to report some of the best highlights in the recent Bellator 149 event.

Dhafir ?Dada 5000? Harris vs Kevin ?Kimbo Slice? Ferguson

This match left Dada 5000 in a critical state after being defeated by Kimbo Slice in a round of intense action at Bellator 149. Both fighters were duking it out to the brink of exhaustion, but after three rounds of non-stop brawls, Kimbo Slice was victorious. However, the match also caused Dada 5000 some complications and he was rushed to a hospital due to severe dehydration and renal failure. This news was confirmed after a false report that said Dada 5000 went into cardiac arrest and was brought to a ventilator. Dada 5000 was already ?recovering nicely? at that time.

Royce Gracie vs Ken Shamrock

However, the main event of Bellator 149 ended a couple of minutes in the first round with some controversies. Ken Shamrock lost to Royce Gracie after he landed a knee to Shamrock?s groin that was not called by the referee. This was then followed by a big knee to the head and a series of follow up punches to keep Shamrock down until the referee decided to end the fight with the TKO win for Gracie, ending at the 2:22 mark on the first round. Shamrock was frustrated and protested the uncalled action, while Gracie was apologetic about the incident. This was Shamrock?s second loss against Gracie. Previously, he was defeated in UFC 1 via submission and both had a draw after a 36-minute brawl in UFC 5; which was the longest fight in history.

The next event, Bellator 150 is scheduled on February 26 at the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane, Kansas.

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