Behold Parents, There is a Smartwatch for Kids

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Following the success of smartphones are the smartwatches, which experts predict to become one of the hottest gadgets to come out in the near future. Of course, kids will not be left out of the trend as Vtech has created a very special toy for them. The tech toy company has introduced at the 2014 International Toy Fair the world?s first smartwatch for kids called the KidiZoom Smartwatch.

Take Photos, Videos and Play Games

The only difference of this high ? tech toy from its adult counterpart is it does not connect to the Internet. The 1.4 ? inch touchscreen watch allows kids to take photos, videos and even play games directly through it. This cool kiddie devices will likely cost about $49.99 once it hits the market this fall. It looks so good that people might mistake it for a full ? fledged smartwatch.

The concept of this kiddie watch has a lot of potential in the tech market. While adults look forward to its adult counterpart such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Sony Smartwatch 2, kids will now be excited to feel the new technology with this watch. Mobile device manufacturers, on the other hand, should not fear the KidiZoom Smartwatch as it does not really fit in their category.

Customizable Screen Display


So, what else can this kiddie smartwatch do? First of all, it works as a watch. It can switch from digital to analog clock display. Kids can also customize the wallpaper that sits behind the time. Young people will surely love this gadget because it has vibrant graphics, perfectly designed for the target demographic of 3 years old and above. Vtech does not have a definite age range yet, but will likely cover up to 9 years old.

The KidiZoom Smartwatch comes with two buttons: one for capturing videos and photos, and another one for the home button. It has a memory card built within the device, as well as a USB port for users (parents) to transfer files to a computer. The device is also lightweight, but only available in clors pink and blue at the moment. The tech toy company spokesperson said that they are still working on more design and style options.

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