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Become the next Beyoncé and groove freely with this app

Get grooving any time of the day with this app that teaches you how to dance!

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Who doesn’t love music and dancing? No one! We are all born to jive and groove to the music. But if you want to learn or advance your dance skills and discover some serious moves, Steezy might be able to hone your dance floor skills and be the next Beyonce of your peers.

Steezy is the #1 dance studio available on your Android, or Apple device. Yes, it’s an app and a dance studio in one. You can use this app to learn how to dance step by step or at a pace that works for you, and it offers several dance class options, from dance workouts to hip-hop styles, K-pop dance, dancehall, and even trending dances in TikTok!
If you think you will be bored with the classes, you are mistaken. This app has 800+ dance tutorials and more styles and fun routines to explore and learn. From classes ranging from complete beginner to expert, you’ll get grooving with whatever lesson you choose in the comfort of your own home or space.
It’s impressive also with the most impressive technology of any online movement or dance class. You can seamlessly toggle from the front view to the back view of the dancers and see how they do the choreography perfectly. There is a loop feature of various segments to practice each dance step, so fast footwork can play slow enough for you to follow and learn along. There is also another feature that can use your device camera to show you dancing alongside the instructors, so you can check whether you are in sync. Their mission is to make dance more accessible to everyone.

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Whether you are aiming to be the next Beyoncé or just trying to fine-tune your coordination skills, dancing is an incredible way to get your heart rate up, learn a new skill, exercise and have fun. With Steezy, you can express yourself and dance freely without getting embarrassed in the comfort of your own home.

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