Beauty and the Beast Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: Cat and Vincent Expecting?

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This week on the Beauty and the Beast Season 4 episode 4 recap, it?s a tense moment for newlywed Cat (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) as the possibility of Cat being pregnant looms. Apparently, it?s something they cannot risk at the moment. With reports that somehow, there have been sightings of the ?Beasts? and it won?t be long before someone will discover their true identity, having a baby on the way will make things even difficult for Vincent and Cat.

Meanwhile, J.T. (Austin Basis) will be the captive of some vigilant bloggers. While he kept denying that the ?theory on the ?Beasts? are all wrong and no such thing ever existed, it seemed like the ideas written all over the course have been true, thus making J.T. all the more aware of these bloggers.

Of course, the news wasn?t a welcomed one. In fact, Cat and Vincent were more disappointed. After the wedding, there were speculations whether the two will push through with their honeymoon, or take care of business first, but it looks like the former idea won. Beauty and the Beast Season 4 according to Spoilers Guide, also reveal how Vincent worked day and night to find the true identity of the person who?s trying to kill or expose him.

The idea that Cat might be pregnant shouldn?t be a problem, in fact, it should bring happiness to the couple. If only the threat of the Beasts didn?t affect the arrival of a new baby; possibly another one following the footsteps of the father.

This might just be one of the busiest and most eventful part of Beauty and the Beast Season 4 as it was revealed in the first first season that the primal problem of the whole series is the threat of exposing the Beasts. But now, and if Cat is indeed pregnant, the couple may have some serious problem going on.

In the ?Something?s Gotta Give? episode, Vincent had also put his life in danger after going after the person who?s trying to expose him and with a $5million bounty prize, Vincent must act quickly.

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