Beauty and the Beast Live Action Sneak Peak: Instagram Reveals First Preview of Emma Watson Singing

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We have recently seen all the visuals for the highly anticipated Beauty and the Beast live action film. We couldn?t think of a better word to describe all of them but ?beautiful.? But the movie is all about music too.

It looks like the new movie is going all in as a possible first preview of Emma Watson singing finds its way on the internet. People can?t stop talking about an Instagram post that features an Emma Watson Belle doll in a local Toys ?R Us. The doll sings Something There, a song that occurs at the middle part of the original film.

In the first movie, Belle sings Something There when she started to fall for the Beast. The Instagram post captured the attention of one of the film?s producers. So he decided to share his thoughts about it on his account.

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Check out photo below if you happen to be curious of how the doll looks. You can even listen to Belle sing and see how it goes for yourself.

Emma Watson As Belle

At the center of the upcoming Beauty and the Beast live action is no less than Emma Watson. There is indeed so much anticipation for her portrayal of the classic, well-loved character. Will she be able to give justice to the role?

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Watson is best known for her work in the Harry Potter franchise. She has also starred in a number of successful dramas and independent films. As far as we can recall, this will be the first time that the actress will sing in a film.

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The trailers for Beauty and the Beast have not seen Watson singing so far. So fans have begun wondering how she would sound. We will surely keep an eye on her singing when the film hits theaters on March 17.

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