Beats Headphones Still Leading the Market

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download (5)There have been a lot of inventions and innovations done on the field of music and technology. There is of course the famous iPod gadget which revolved into be what we call iTouch and later, one of the most sought after gadgets in the world, the iPad. However, does the brand and model of your music player really matter?

Sure enough, having a high-tech and advance music player is rather efficient as there is a lot of stuff you can do with it. You can manually change the settings of the audio of your music to suit your needs, you can download music videos to entertain you both acoustically and visually, you can install applications which you can use while listening to your favorite songs, and a whole lot more.

But then again, we have the tendency to miss out one fact we can never deny. The music itself does not change depending on your music player, or simply put, your music is not really dependent on your gadget.

Guns N’ Roses will still be one of the greatest rock bands ever even in your cassette tape player, Garth Brooks will forever have his country style no matter how old your mp3 player is, and Rebecca Black will still sound auto-tuned even in your latest iPod.

But with a bad pair of headphones, Guns N’ Roses might lose their iconic rock sound, Garth Brooks might sound pop, and Rebecca Black might sound… a lot worse than she really is.

images (2)Headphones are what make us hear the music, not the music players themselves. They are but mediums of storage and control. And take it or leave it, a bad pair of headphones might ruin your over-all music experience.

This is where Beats decided to venture on. According to the NPD group, a famous marketing research company,?Beats holds ?27% of the $1.8 billion headphone market — and 57% of the market for “premium” headphones, ones that cost $99 or more. On- or over-the-ear Beats retail from about $200 to $400, so you can easily spend as much on the headphones as you can on your MP3 player or contracted phone.

download (4)Everyone seems to have it. From musician Lil Wayne, to actress Katie Holmes, and to that friend of yours who simply cannot stop himself from listening to music.

Not only do Beats provide good music experience through optimum quality of acoustics, it also has different styles which suit everyone’s style. Whether you are a rock star wannabe, a skater, an indie hipster, or whatnot, as long as you have the heart for music, you will find a Beats model that will fit your style.

It seems that nothing can beat Beats.

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