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If you wanted to play a game that will make you feel better, lighter and happier right after, then Beatbuddy is the game for you. Never has there been a game which incorporates saving the world and battling against evil in a very party beat-popping mode.

This game is really acquiring positive attention from the first ones who reviewed it, and even won a lot of awards already. It bagged the Best German Youth Game at the German Game Awards 2014 and a few more from the German Developer Awards 2013: Best Serious Game and Best Game Design. Because of these, Beatbuddy will be worth your appreciation too as it perfectly mixed the action, the adventure and music in one gameplay.

You get Beat, the main character, moving by creating a path for him to follow. I am talking from a tablet perspective, so that means one can point the direction where you want Beat to go or simply slide your fingers to the screen to create a line that Beat will follow.

Beat seems to represent the modern Super Mario but this time, the player gets more hyped since the creatures around the character are creatively moving along the captivating sound effects. Notice yourself once you try playing the game, you might feel your head nodding to the beat while ensuring your character wins. Awesomely weird!

The game consists of 6 stages, and take note, each being hand-drawn. Each can last about 40 minutes to finish (some finish all stages for 5 hours) but this game with perfect soothing musical distraction will make you forget about time. Believe me, you will be drifted away. In these stages, you will have to solve puzzles, follow the maze, break gates and barriers, kill some enemies and collect “crystals” that will add to your score and some that will even protect your character.

Beatbuddy, in all its visual and audible creative grandeur, also posed a few stutters that the developers are continually following up with “patches” especially when played with mouse and keyboard in other media. Overall, this game will win you because of the graphic-sounds synchronization alone.

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