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Beat the summer heat and enjoy cool air anywhere in just a press of a button

This portable air conditioner offers an ultimate cooling feeling anytime, anywhere!

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Summertime is finally here and it’s the perfect season for enjoying the great outdoors and embarking on exciting adventures. But while we love almost everything about summer and sunshine days, there’s one thing most people dislike about it – the scorching hot weather and humidity.

But who says you have to endure a hot day when you can stay cool in the middle of a hot season? All thanks to Zero Breeze Mark 2!

What is Zero Breeze Mark 2 all about?

Zero Breeze Mark 2 is a portable air conditioner engineered to let you enjoy the cool air anywhere you go! Whether you prefer to stay home or spend most of your summertime outdoors, this revolutionary device can be your best buddy so you won’t have to endure the uncomfortable hot weather. And the best part about it? You can use it with a simple press of a button!

What are the features of this portable air conditioner?

Zero Breeze Mark 2 is powered by its portable battery, ready to provide you with 5 hours of cooling. It uses a high-efficiency miniature inverter air conditioner compressor and compact high-efficiency fan system. It can drop the air 30F lower than the environment within 10 minutes.
It is perfect for camping in your RV or forest cabin or truck.

  • Driven by adapter, no generator required
  • Really air-conditioned, no water or ice required
  • You can take the air conditioner at work with one hand and walk around easily
  • 10 minutes air outlet temperature, down 30 F
  • Smaller than half the size of traditional portable air conditioners
Now you can enjoy and make the most of your summer trips and vacations and go practically anywhere you want without being uncomfortable! This AC solution is definitely a must-have for all your trips!
$1399.00 $1599.00

Get it here!