Beat the heat with this wearable neck fan that doesn’t ruin your style

Time to hype up your fashion style and integrate a unique fan in your hot season starter pack.

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Don’t let the heat beat your cool vibes. Walk your dogs on a hot morning and continue your activities or grocery shopping day while staying cool with Benks Portable Neck Fan.

Benks’ Portable Neck Fan is a hands-free fan that blows refreshing wind coming your way. You can be walking, sitting, driving, or anywhere you want to be more comfortable, and use this to cool yourself. Unlike other portable neck fans, Benks neck fan doesn’t have blades that block your vision or ruin your fashion style. It only has a surrounding air outlet to make you feel the coolness in all directions. As they say, no sweat, no drama.

This ultralight, wearable neck fan is designed like a headphone, putting less strain on your neck while freeing your hands from holding it. With its powerful turbine and its built out of eco-friendly ABS or recyclable plastic and silicone, it can bring high wind power without annoying noise. You can keep it running for 4-16 hours duration and can change into different speeds.

This wearable neck fan is made softer, durable, and quieter than others. Some are cursing the hot weather because they sweat, and it’s inconvenient. But you don’t need to curse the sun. Benks Portable Neck Fan will save you from sweating without ruining your chic outfit.

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