Bear Scare: What Would You Do If You Find a Bear Inside Your House? Film It Of Course.

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Well who wouldn?t right? Although bears in all sorts of animation and toy merchandise have been depicted as fluffy balls of fur, it?s a whole different story when you find yourself with a fully live one ? a bear scare! If you ever suddenly find a 300kg wild animal inside your own house, you?d also be running and screaming your head off. We won?t be judging, we?d be yelling right with you, as it truly can be a terrifying thing.

That?s what we see in this viral video uploaded and posted on Facebook by Rodney Ginn. He has a house in Mammoth Lakes, California, home to a diverse population of wildlife such as bears, marmots, mule deer and mountain lions.

The video is for most parts is dark and confusing, except for us hearing Ginn in the background, exclaiming that there?s a bear in the house. He appears to be at the top of the staircase. He goes, ?We have a bear inside our house right now. Holy fucking shit.? We (along with Ginn in the video) hear a sort of scuffling noise, and Ginn rightfully freaks out and runs into a dark room. Although the video is shaky and you can?t really see anything at this point, Ginn still keeps recording and we hear him freaking out with his roommate. He peeps through the door, still holding the phone when we suddenly see the bear charging up the stairs, heading towards the door where Ginn is standing. He shouts then slams the door close. It?s a scene right out of Jumanji, folks!

You might not have caught that video clearly, so good thing RedditorPajamasofwrath was able to slow it down and try to stabilize it a bit to capture that immortal bear scare moment. Later on, Ginn also posts the picture below on Facebook where we see that the bear is actually a momma bear with at least 2 cubs. Guess the family was just having a walk around. Watch the video here:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9OzeljzbIs]

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