Bear Grylls Had President Obama Eat Left-Over Bear Food?

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Bear Grylls filmed a Running Wild episode in September 2015. This was almost a year ago. This was with US President Barack Obama. It was set in Alaska and it was scheduled at the same time that the president was attending the Conference on Global Leadership in the Arctic.

The episode had something more to it than the usual survival activities and personal talk as pointed out by?Sahash Khanal of Inquisitr It contained a discussion about climate change with the President.

The President, in the episode, joked about how he was not excited so much for Bear?s cooking as he was a mediocre cook. ?His Bear Grylls experience would not be complete without having a meal with the survival star. In fact, they did and it seemed to be tea with freshly-wild Salmon.

President Obama known for his humor joked that Bear Grylls had told him that the fish was in fact a left-over fish from a bear. He added that this fact was not necessary for him to know and the Grylls should have just left it out. This, though, was likely a joke as Bear Grylls admitted that he did go easy on the Leader of the Free World.

Bear Grylls: ??was as dangerous as a trip to the local newsagent?s?

Bear Grylls described the experience as being as dangerous as a trip to the local newsagent?s. This was what he said on?the Jonathan Ross Show.?This is pretty much expected as one cannot just get the President of the United States on a one on one hike through the Alaskan trails.

He revealed the trip involved around 60 Secret Service snipers in the mountains. They too had four helicopters in the air. He said that ??it was a crazy whole machine to watch.?

It?s not only that. Presidential staffers have also laid out special Presidential toilets every kilometer of the whole hike. None of them were used though, Grylls admitted. He said that President Obama might have gone in the bushes at one point.

He said that his staffers had it all set up for him. They even have a big black box. This could have been something that would allow him when all goes wrong to have all the nuclear codes. They also have a big hook on top for a helicopter. He revealed that it was a container so they can take him away anytime.

Grylls revealed that for much of the trip though, Obama was as normal as it comes. He said that even his mom gave him advice that even the President of the United States put on his trousers one leg at a time. Grylls remarked that this was an episode that he was most proud of.

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