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Beam – Turn Your Kitchen Table Into a TV

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Image source Beamlabsinc ? 2015 Beam labs inc, Los Angeles. All rights reserved

Watching TV shows on your kitchen table or anywhere inside your house without television is now possible thanks to Beam

Smartphones and iPads or Tablets are pretty convenient when it comes to entertainment. You can carry them anywhere as long as there?s an internet and you have instant entertainment! However, that may be cool and all that but as our technology advances, so does the weird but cool idea.

Introducing Beam, a smart projector?as what they call it on their Kickstarter page?that can help you with your daily tasks like browsing emails, checking messages and other more. Installing this device is very much easy: like installing a light bulb. You just plug it in?or screw it?and you are good to go, or as what their slogan says, ?screw it and have fun.?

Beam features that you can expect when released

As they said on their Kickstarter, it is a projector and it does what a projector is supposed to do but there?s a catch, it is small unlike the ones we are used to see/use and you can connect it to your device wirelessly!

Here are more cool things that you can do with this device, as posted on their Kickstarter page:

  • Play games ? yes, every device today has to have the capabilities to support games or gaming apps. Here, you can play them anywhere in your home, like literally ANYWHERE, from your bathroom wall?because why not??to your kitchen table.
  • Restaurant menus ? you can even use this as an alternative for your restaurant menu.
  • Wall paintings ? probably the cheapest way to own a wall painting. As stated on their kickstarter page, you can also turn your walls into digital paintings.
  • Watch movies ? it is sometimes hard to watch movies when you are lying down on your bed. Some of us can stay a longer period of time on their side while some actually prefer to just lie on their back. With Beam, you can finally do those things?lie on your back and watch comfortably. Project your favorite movies to your ceiling and relax.
  • iOS and Android compatible ? this?is compatible to many devices that run on iOS and Android, whether it?d be a tablet or an iPhone 6, this device?can run it.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi compatible ? connect Beam to your smartphone, tablet, smart watch, speakers and/or keyboard wirelessly by the use of its built-in Bluetooth.
  • Android and iOS Apps ? because this smart projector?is compatible to both iOS and Android operating system, it can also play any Apps available in Google Play Store and App store.

Versatility and convenience, these are the things they really offer when you buy Beam. You can check their Kickstarter page and pledge by clicking here if you want to support the company.

Image source Beamlabsinc

? 2015 Beam labs inc, Los Angeles. All rights reserved

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