Be Your Own DJ: The Best Music-Mixing Apps

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Deep inside all of us, there is an intense desire to be a disc jockey.

Don?t even start denying because I know how cool it is to be able to mix sounds and melodies and decide which songs to play for you or for many people.

Professional-grade software used by different producers and DJs cost a lot of money, but worry not, your dreams of being one of them is far from over. We have here a list of apps where you can use to loop, cue, crossfade, pitch-shift and more to remix your digital library.

And just to make things better for you, some of these apps are downloadable to your phone and tablet for your on-the-go editing and music mixing needs.

Here is that promised list of apps you can use to start the party all on your own. Thank me later, buddy.


  • Djay


This is perfect for beginners and seasoned mixers alike. It has a clutter-free interface which makes it very easy to use. While it is easy user-friendly, it does not disappoint in the design department as well because of its turntable design which shows off album art. This setup is not only eye-catching but comfortable to use as well. There are no buttons to scare you off; the stage is yours.


  • Virtual DJ Home


The best thing about this app is that it is free. It may not be as attractive as Djay, but it is complete with all the standard tools and effects needed for music mixing. There are also overlaying sound waves to help you play around with the beats.


  • Traktor DJ

traktor traktor2

You can use this app anywhere because it has downloadable mobile versions which fit perfectly on your screen. It may not be as user-friendly as Djay for beginners, but just a few practice sessions and you?re good. Familiarize yourself with how its unique mixer works and you?ll be a pro in no time. Keep your spare battery and charger ready because it tends to drain the phone?s energy.


  • Edjing


The free version of this app requires the user to earn points to unlock certain standard functions like looping. But if you?re just looking for an app that will do for just your basic DJ-ing, it is enough to create transitions between tracks, as well as play with the low, mid and high ranges.


  • Cross DJ


Cross DJ is the most versatile of all music mixer apps because it is available on multiple platforms. It has iOS, Android (tablet and smartphone), and both free and paid Mac desktop versions. It is better you use a device with a big screen for this app to make room for all the features available. It has video sampling for the paid version.


  • PocketDJ Vintage


The creators of this app are angels in disguise; they made this app compatible with older, low-end Androids. So you don?t have to worry if you don?t have the latest Android smartphone. There may be no advanced features here, but you can loop and crossfade for seamless song transitions.


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