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3 years ago I was searching for a good detective game to play on my computer. Then I stumbled across this game, L.A. Noire. Ever wondered what it feels like to be a detective in the 40?s? L.A. Noire is the answer to those questions.

The gameplay is an open-world, action adventure, third-person game just like in the GTA series but instead of being a criminal, you will play as an LAPD officer who is ?later on ?promoted to?detective.

Follow Cole Phelps as he work his way to the top of becoming a successful officer of the law. Solve crimes, interrogate people and shoot or arrest bad guys. The suspense of the game is just like watching an old-school, detective, black and white movie, where the character narrates the story of what?s happening to him or what he is feeling at the moment. To add more feelings to it, the game?s menu is in black and white and the background is ?a dark alley where crimes happen the most.

Obviously car chases and heavy action are expected from the game. But the main feature of it is the interrogation system. When you talk to people, watch how they react and trust your intuition. When you are interrogating someone, options will pop out that will let you decide if a person is lying, telling the truth or his answer is doubtful. Your questions are all written on the notebook that you are carrying…be careful when asking questions and decide if it?s a lie, the truth or when you are in doubt. This will greatly affect the case that you are working on and how much will it reveal the story.

For every case, you get to have different partners to help you. Also, if you are not in the mood for driving, you can ask your partner to drive you both to the next location. For your partners in game we got Ralph Dunn on patrol, Stefan Bekowsky on traffic, Rusty Galloway on homicide, Roy Earle on vice and Herschel Biggs on arson.

Rockstar?s L.A. Noire is really a great or possibly one of the best detective games out there (in my opinion). The game was initially released on May 17, 2011 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and later on that same year, they also released the version of this game for Windows.

This game is really entertaining for me, what about you? Have you also tried L.A. Noire? What are your thoughts and opinions for this game? Share your comments below and subscribe for more gaming news here on TheBitBag.


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