Be fluent in more than one foreign language in just 2 hours per week

Experience is the best teacher, and an effective way to learn a new language is to use it in conversations consistently.

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Learning a language shouldn’t be time-consuming. In fact, according to Rype, you can be fluent in a new, foreign language if you consistently learn and practice it, even if you only have 2 hours per week of spare time. Rype is a language-learning membership program tailored to fit your lifestyle and learning preferences.

This website teaches languages through one-on-one private, conversational language lessons with a dedicated teacher or native speaker, so you don’t have to endure tedious language lessons if it’s not your learning style.

Whether you’re a novice with limited free time or an advanced learner wanting to practice his/her skills, Rype gives everyone a chance to speak and hear the world through different rhythms.