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BBC Whale Video Shows Blue Whale Comedic Timing (Watch)

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blue whale comedic timing

The tone of the show Earth On Location was serious. The team of Zoologist Mark Carwardine were doing whale watching somewhere in the Pacific, and he was moaning how hard it was to spot whales even in bodies of water considered to be whale hotspots.

BBC?Whale Video Comedic Timing

All of a sudden, in the middle of his rambling, a blue whale suddenly sprayed water out of his blowhole a few meters away from the host ? perfectly positioned to discredit the scientist?s earlier statement.

The clip was taken from Big Blue Live, an exciting new live series coming soon to BBC One in the UK and PBS in the US.

According to Carwardine, it?s usually difficult to spot blue whales because they are either a.) Always swimming below the ocean and that they can be swimming right below you and you wouldn?t even notice or b.) Difficult to see when the waves are big and there are white surf covering the ocean.

When the blue whale made its presence felt, Carwardine can?t help but giggle at his apparent humiliation. The crew in front taping the whole thing was obviously amused as well.

Before that, the scientist was explaining how ?How challenging, and it?s quite exciting in one way, and very frustrating in another because you know they are here, you just can?t jolly well find them,? right after which, the blue whale blew a healthy spray!

“Oh look, there is one… actually that was a lot easier than I was expecting,” he said. “There’s a whale right there. Talk of the devil.?

Talk of the devil indeed.

Earth On Location is part of Earth Unplugged, and will be bringing video footage captured by different crews around the world as they search for fascinating stories to share about the natural world.
Check out the BBC Earth website http://www.bbc.com/earth.

Watch the video here.

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