Baywatch Movie Cast Zack Efron And Dwayne ?The Rock? Johnson, R-Rating Story, Release Date And More!

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Zac Efron stars in Baywatch movie along with Dwayne ?The Rock? Johnson in 2017, featuring a R-rating and a new take on the story.

Dwayne Johnson made the R-rating and Zac Efron announcement via Twitter as reported by jusjared:

Zac Efron responded and confirmed his casting:

This news is interesting for everyone who is wishing for a fun and humorous story, Collider reported.

?Personally, I was swayed by the news that the movie wouldn?t be porting over the TV series? tone and sense of humor, but rather a 21 Jump Street type of feature adaptation. That?s much more interesting,? Collider said.

Users on Twitter were all excited for the new announcement by The Rock.

There are Twitter users like Bob Chipman who is excited for the show to introduce the same humor as the Channing Tatum movie 21 Jump Street.

There are also those who are losing their minds over Zac Efron was announced

And there are those who were shocked that the duo will star in a Baywatch movie.


Of course the R-Rating announcement also excited people on the internet.

Baywatch Story

Baywatch will be telling a brand new story but will still focus on the life of lifeguards starred by Johnson and Efron, THR reported. The duo will be teaming together to save the environment from an oil tycoon, THR said.?Zac Efron was reportedly taken for the role after his successful performance in Neighbors.

Director of Horrible Bosses, Seth Gordon, will be manning the big screen take on the TV action-comedy 1990?s series, slashfilm reported.

Slow-motion shots of men and women running in the beach have yet to be revealed if they are making a comeback. Fans however are safe that they will be seeing the same action and humor they enjoyed from the popular TV series. The girls starring in the film have yet to be announced.

Baywatch will start filming in February 2016 and will release in 2017.

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