Bayonetta 3 Reveal On April 11 [Rumor]

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Are we getting Bayonetta 3? [Image from Amazon]

After an April Fool’s joke, Sega secretly launched a new website with nothing but a counter on it. The only thing noticeable is the foot of Bayonetta, which could mean that Sega is going to announce Bayonetta 3. It’s a game many would love to see, given the amount of praise that the second Wii U-exclusive game got.

Players can look at the website and see for themselves, though many have speculated that it could be something else. We will soon find out in April 11, since there are six more days to go till the reveal. It will be interesting to see what Sega has up their sleeves, given the amount of love many have for Bayonetta.

A Re-Release?

While many are hoping it will be Bayonetta 3, Polygon pointed out that the shoe comes from the first game’s cover. Since the April Fool’s joke – an 8-bit flash game – was done on PC, many are assuming the first game is coming to Steam. Considering how the first Bayonetta is only available on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, this is a much-needed re-release.

Of course, the reveal could also be Bayonetta 2 on the PS4 and Xbox One, or even the Nintendo Switch. This is arguably the best action game on the Wii U and a version on current-gen consoles would be applauded. A Switch version of the game also makes a ton of sense, given the amount of love Nintendo gave the sequel, even including her in Super Smash Bros.

April 11 Can’t Come Soon Enough

Whether it’s Bayonetta 3 or a re-release of Bayonetta 2, the news Sega will be announcing has fans excited for their next project. One thing that is sure is that the game will have Bayonetta in it, which should be enough to entice fans to get on board. It’s too early to assume that a new game in the series is coming, but there’s nothing saying it can’t be a new game either.

Bayonetta 2 was a game that helped make the Wii U standout, though it couldn’t completely save the console itself. Still, the popularity of the title was so big it led to the character appearing in Smash Bros and getting her own Amiibo figure. Sega still owns the series, so the sequel could appear on other consoles, but a new game or a re-release on Nintendo Switch is highly likely.

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