Bayonetta 2 Owners Will Get A Physical Copy of The First Bayonetta Game

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Bayonetta 2 Boxart
Bayonetta 2 Boxart

With the previous E3 event, Nintendo announced that future owners of the Wii U exclusive game Bayonetta 2, will get a free copy of the full game of the first Bayonetta. This is for both the physical and digital retail copies of Bayonetta 2. A download code will be provided to those who will purchase the game.

However, in Japan, people get an ?extra? something, aside from just the copy of the original game. Something far better than this already great deal. The game?s cover art for the Japanese version of the game confirmed, that those who will buy Bayonetta 2 in Japan will get a physical copy of the original Bayonetta port on the Wii U.

Platinum Games and Nintendo haven?t made any comments yet with this ?exclusivity?, but in due time, something is certainly going to come up, given the fact that fans of the series would want the same treatment on their local copies, regardless of which country they reside.

The Bayonetta Wii U port will be a direct port from the Xbox 360 version and it is said that it will run at a consistent 60 fps, given that the Wii U?s hardware is stronger than that of Xbox 360?s. It will also come with additional content that is not found with the original versions of Bayonetta game on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, like new costumes, features, additional content, and more.

Bayonetta 2 is scheduled to launch in the US this October, and is going to be exclusive for the Wii U. Stay tuned for updates regarding Bayonetta 2 and the availability of physical copies of the original Bayonetta game on the Wii U.

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