Battlefield Hardline Update Includes Fewer Explosions

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Battlefield Hardline is still currently in beta and the latest round of changes for the game includes fewer explosion frequency, longer match rounds, and updated displays. Thad Sasser, lead multiplayer designer, announced this new update via the game?s website.

We first reported about Battlefield Hardline being leaked here. Now, the upcoming cops and robbers themed game of the franchise is using beta feedback to make the necessary improvements and adjustments in the game. This process is detailed as part of the Community?s Most Wanted feature.

Sasser gave feedback about the explosions saying: ?We have heard your complaints about breaking the cops and robbers experience with the amount of heavy explosive weaponry available, but we didn’t want to sacrifice fun.? He went on to add: “We’ve made changes to reduce the frequency of explosive use to focus on the core gameplay, and we’ve made the use of explosive much more believable now.”

Aside from reducing the frequency of explosions, there are also a lot of other updates which include balancing and renaming the mechanic class, revisiting the in-game HUD, revisiting the customize screen, and making the world deeper and more interactive.

For the renaming of the mechanic class, there were rebalances to make the class better in more situations without sacrificing the ability to take down a vehicle. A name change is also possibly in the works and suggestions from fans are also welcome.

Display changes like the in-game HUD and customize screen will also be getting upgrades as the developers are working on establishing a clearer visual difference from Battlefield 4 as well as improving the messaging from the in-game HUD. For the customize screen, the layouts will be the ones mainly getting changes as it will become clearer and easier to manage gear and weapon attachments. Majority of the feedback about the customize screen should be addressed with the update.

Overall there are around 10 total major items addressed in this update and there are more to come. The good thing about player beta is that player input is highly regarded and should lead to a better and improved game once it comes out of beta.

Photo Source: Battlefield Hardline blog

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