Battlefield Bad Company 3 Next After Battlefield 1?

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Could Battlefield Bad Company 3 be next on DICE?s plate? The Swedish developer is only a few weeks away from launching the next entry in their storied franchise, Battlefield 1. What follows next remains a mystery for now. But a recent interview indicates that the studio has not yet ruled out a return to the Bad Company universe.

DICE Still Thinks About Battlefield Bad Company 3

Speaking with YouTuber Resero, DICE?s Lars Gustavsson said that a Bad Company sequel is still on the minds of most of the people at DICE.

?Yeah, the question of Bad Company, and will the boys return- it?s always in the back of our heads,? he said. Unfortunately, Gustavsson gave no timetable for when Battlefield Bad Company 3 might release. He simply said: ?…question of Bad Company 3 and will we do it? who knows? Maybe in the future, it?s something we miss. So maybe someday.?

The franchise debuted in 2008, when Battlefield Bad Company launched on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Designed from the ground up as a console experience, the game quickly became a fan favorite. Despite smaller maps and a reduced team-size (12 v. 12 as opposed to 32 v. 32 on the older PC versions), Bad Company was able to faithfully recreate the franchise?s signature mix of squad and vehicle-based gameplay. It was also the first in the series to utilize the Frostbite engine, which allowed for highly destructible environments.

The game?s single player campaign, which followed the titular rag-tag group of soldiers, was also well-received. A sequel, Battlefield Bad Company 2, followed in 2010. It also included a substantial multiplayer DLC called Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam.

The franchise has been dormant since then, but it still remains one the most in-demand from EA?s roster. Hopefully, this recent news means that the possibility of Battlefield Bad Company 3 isn?t dead yet.

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