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Battlefield Bad Company 3 Release In 2019 Possibly Teased By EA

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Battlefield Bad Company 3
Source: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Launch Trailer video

EA previously announced in their earnings call that they’re cooking up “new Battlefield experiences” in 2019. However, the CEO left the announcement vague, so it’s unclear whether there is referring to new content for Battlefield 1 or a new title. Potentially, EA might be planning to follow up the Battlefield series with Battlefield Bad Company 3.

New Battlefield Incoming

According to WCCFTech’s report, Wilson confirmed that “new Battlefield experiences” are scheduled for their 2019 fiscal year. This fiscal calendar is confirmed to start from October 2018 to September 2019. Potentially, EA might be hinting on a far out release window for their next Battlefield game.

Battlefield Bad Company 3?

Nothing about Wilson’s statement specifies which Battlefield series will they pick up for their next entry. Outside the main Battlefield series, the Battlefield Bad Company series is known for its good campaign mode story, which is rare in its genre. EA may want to revisit this old series since it is a recognizable one. Alternatively, Battlefield can also jump to the World War 2 setting like Call of Duty or continue the Hardline series.

Modern Shooters Are Fresh Right Now

Most of Battlefield’s first person shooter competition like Call of Duty, Destiny, and Overwatch isn’t set in modern times anymore. Due to audience fatigue with modern shooters, first person shooter developers decided to set their games in different timelines. Last year, the Battlefield series went for an older setting with Battlefield 1 while Call of Duty went to interplanetary conflict with Infinite Warfare.

Ironically, the “first person shooter in modern times” setup is now empty and is technically fresh if taken up by developers again. However, any interested developer in making another modern shooter will have to come up with fresh ideas for it. Making something too similar with existing titles might make the experience too familiar for gamers, in a bad way.

Easily, the Battlefield Bad Company series fits this mold. EA just needs to remember the series’ charm and separate it clearly from the main series to make it work right.

Long Year For Battlefield 1

Since the next Battlefield is presumably scheduled to be released as early as October 2018, Battlefield 1 still has 17 months to keep its fans company. Fans can still expect to receive new Battlefield 1 content and support from EA in the coming months. Potentially, EA may also use that time to drop hints or outright announce revealing details about the next Battlefield game. We’ll just have to wait if we’re getting a Battlefield Bad Company 3 or a different Battlefield game.

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