Battlefield 5 Release Soon As EA Assures Players?

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Battlefield 5

While DICE has not revealed any information about the Battlefield 5 release date, there are speculations that the game will come out soon. Recently, the Battlefield?s official Twitter account posted a reply to a fan?s question about a Battlefield 4 DLC. The developer said that they will continue to support the game, but they have no plans to deliver any DLC for Battlefield 4 soon. The recent announcement may disappoint Battlefield 4 players, but it indicates that the developer might be focusing on the release of Battlefield 5.

DICE previously said that they will have a major announcement soon, and it looks like the developer may finally reveal the release date of Battlefield 5. Last week, DICE?s senior media director Randy Evans also teased fans with his cryptic tweet about the big announcement. He stated that the company would reveal something. This message fueled excitement in the Battlefield fan community especially after rumors sparked that it will be set in World War 1.

DICE released the patch for Battlefield 4 in January, and since then the company has gone silent about the next DLC updates for the game. Obviously, DICE is working on the next Battlefield title which is due for release this year. It doesn?t mean that fans should forget the old games, but DICE doesn?t seem keen on delivering content for the previous Battlefield titles.

EA?s upcoming Battlefield title is expected to be one of the biggest entry to the highly popular first-person shooter series. With massive 13 games and 23 expansion packs for Battlefield games, the franchise has become one of the most promising FPS games there is.

Are you excited to see Battlefield 5 or would you prefer to see DICE shell out more content for their previous titles? Watch out for more news on Battlefield 5 here on TheBitBag.


DICE has announced that there will be no more patches and updates for Battlefield 4. This potentially means that DICE is?already hard at work to release the next game in the series.

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