Battlefield 5 Release Soon? DICE Hires New Team

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Battlefield 5 may release soon as Dice is hiring people for visual improvements

Battlefield 5 has not gained a lot of attention during the past few weeks as the developer DICE has not revealed new information about the upcoming first-person shooter. However, it looks like the game developer is moving things quickly. The company has already said that Battlefield 5 is going to be improved in terms of graphics quality and animation. The company?s latest job posting may be another hint that the Battlefield 5 release may come soon.

DICE posted a job listing on its official website, looking for a senior concept artist. What makes it interesting is the job description states that the applicant should be able to push visual quality to the next level, which confirms DICE?s goal of improving the graphics quality of its games. DICE has not announced its next AAA title, and in the latest job listing, the company didn?t also reveal the project for which the artist is being hired.

The job posting doesn?t give a lot of information, but rumors suggest that DICE is planning to build game settings similar to some of the locations in Japan. We?ll have to wait to see what Battlefield 5 has to offer, but it is clear that DICE is working on something which is different. The good news for Battlefield fans is that the company has already started working on the next Battlefield title and is looking for people for things the company needs additional help for.

The Battlefield 5 release is expected to be within the third quarter of 2016. Game publisher Electronic Arts has already sent a press release highlighting some of the known facts about the franchise and its games. Battlefield 5 or the next Battlefield title will follow the last entry in the franchise, Battlefield Hardline.

Battlefield 5 is expected to hit PS4, Xbox One, and PC.?DICE may reveal more information about the Battlefield 5 release during E3 2016.

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