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Battlefield 5 Release Fast Tracked By DICE As Battlefield 4 CTE Updates Stop

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Battlefield 5

Another anticipated game by players everywhere is the fifth installment in the hit shooter series, Battlefield. The game rumored to be set in World War I has no exact release date yet, but fans are really eager to get their hands on it. With the recent move of developer DICE, fans may be one step closer to the Battlefield 5 release date.

It seems that DICE might be officially putting their efforts to the development of Battlefield 5. In a tweet by DICE LA’s senior producer, David Sirland, he stated that the developer will no longer update Battlefield 4 CTE, but players can still battle it out in the hit shooter as its servers will still be functional.

?We (as in DICE LA) are not planning to release more content on the BF4 CTE,? said Siriland.

Basically, DICE will no longer add new content or make patches for Battlefield 4. Sirland didn?t confirm if DICE will be working on Battlefield 5 from now on, but them halting all their work on Battlefield 4 could mean that they will be busy on another game. For those still interested in Battlefield 4 though, at least servers will still be up and running long after DICE halts the updates.

DICE has also confirmed that there will be no more DLCs for Battlefield 4. Again, this could mean that they are officially starting the engine on the next main entry in the Battlefield series. Additionally, DICE said that they have a major announcement soon. They didn?t confirm what this is, but with the recent events, it could may as well be the release of Battlefield 5. However, with DICE and EA keeping mum, fans will have to wait and see.

Very little is known about Battlefield 5, but it’s highly rumored that the game might be set in World War I. It’s an odd step for one of today?s top shooters as futuristic combat is the norm as of late. It’s been a while since shooter fans have had a hand on a World War I shooter, and with one being under the Battlefield brand, it could be a promising title. Fans could also soon be doing away with Battlefield 4 with the upcoming Battlefield 5 release.

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