Battlefield 5: Reasons Why EA Should Consider A WW1 Setting

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Battlefield 5

EA?s Battlefield series has certainly reached a low point when it stopped making waves with Battlefield: Hardline at the time when both franchises were looking to reinvent themselves. IGN suggests the series looks back to its roots as a World War 1 shooter. With the lack of AAA World War Shooters, Battlefield 5 picking up its old tricks may prove useful in reviving the old niche of First Person Shooters. The question is, will a World War 1 setting in Battlefield 5 be any good?.

As noted by IGN, Battlefield prided itself with highly destructible environments to provide tactical advantage to players. In the time of World Wars, covers were either foliage, artificially set metal, or trenches dug from the ground to make flat land defendable. It might be nice to see players be able to create their own unique battlefield again due to the destruction created by the players themselves, but set in an older time. The strength of Battlefield games is on focusing more on tactics spanning large maps and planned skirmishes rather than competing with Call of Duty who have left them with the technology show most of the time.

First Person Shooters set in the World War are rare nowadays as Battlefield and Call of Duty kept moving toward the modern day. Mostly games from independent developers play on the genre such as Verdun, and the upcoming Battalion 1944 are the current market for these games. It might be refreshing to see another AAA shooter set in the past and let experienced players take a crack at these old-school shooters balanced with today?s standards.

With EA?s experience with the old and recent Battlefield Games, it might be smart for EA to consider the full-scale air, land, and sea World War skirmishes since they?ve got the funding and the experience. As for now, we?ll have to wait on EA on their take on Battlefield 5.

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