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Battlefield 5: Improvements DICE Should Consider

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Battlefield 5

Battlefield is not just an ordinary franchise of first-person shooter games. DICE has established each Battlefield game as a tactical shooter that makes players come out as a team, and ultimately, the gameplay experience becomes better and more challenging. Over the years, DICE has delivered many Battlefield games, with the last one being Battlefield: Hardline. Since then, fans have been expecting something big from the developer, and now that everybody is aware that Battlefield 5 is under development, fans have shared their suggestions for the game to help make it better.

Numerous discussions on social media platforms are about the changes DICE should consider in developing Battlefield 5. On a Reddit thread, fans suggest major changes in vehicle physics. According to fans, the vehicle physics should be improved as it becomes impossible to drive transport vehicles because they bounce with random acceleration.

In a similar thread, a PlayStation 4 player suggests that DICE should allow players to modify the map controls completely without having to deal with broken controls for other in-game features. The user suggests that DICE add Custom Controls tab in Battlefield 5 through which players can easily assign buttons or controls for game characters, vehicles, helicopters and jets.

Additionally, fans also want to see more campaigns, game modes, ranking system improvements, faster weapon unlocking and better spawning mechanism in the next game. Battlefield 4 introduced a fast-paced gameplay, and everybody thought the move will bring Call of Duty fans to DICE?s realm. However, for many players, the changes ruined the game because there was no room for tactical gameplay.

Battlefield 5 is expected to arrive during the holiday season this year. EA and DICE still aren?t ready to talk about the Battlefield 5?s release date, but reports that suggest that the next Battlefield game will arrive in the third or fourth quarter of 2016. Unless EA and DICE make an announcement soon, we should expect the Battlefield 5 release after E3 2016 in June.

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