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Battlefield 5 Gameplay Overhaul Planned By DICE?

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Things have been a bit quiet when it comes to modern shooters, particularly titles like Call of Duty and Battlefield. It seems like that is about to change, however, as a recent job offer from DICE seems to hint at a completely overhauled Battlefield 5.

As of this writing, DICE is looking for a new Combat Gameplay Designer, Gaming Bolt reported. Those who apply for the job will be given a lot of responsibility, since they have to design how the combat flows for the company?s games, one of which will likely be a brand new Battlefield game.

This job listing was released a week after the developers said they are no longer working on new content for Battlefield 4. The title had been getting a number of add-ons for some time now. This might mean that EA and DICE have decided to work on the latest game in the series, Battlefield 5.

It will be interesting to see how revamped this new Battlefield title is going to be. Fans everywhere know it can be difficult to add new twists to a first-person shooter, especially a well-loved franchise like this series.

DICE has experimented with the Battlefield series before, particularly with Battlefield: Hardline. The urban shooter received a mixed reaction from critics and fans alike, though the game did manage to sell well.

To their credit, it seems like DICE is willing to do something different with the series. Battlefield: Hardline might not have gotten the best reviews that the franchise is known for, but it is nice to see these companies experiment on the Battlefield series. If DICE is really going to overhaul the gameplay, then the rumored World War 1 setting for Battlefield 5 might become real soon.

Will Battlefield 5 be announced soon as the companies are looking for a new Combat Gameplay Designer? That remains to be seen. The most optimistic fan will hope for the game?s late 2016 release, but it?s likely that the possible sequel will come out sometime in 2017.

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