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Battlefield 4: Take Part in the BF4 Battlefest And Gain Double XP

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The Swedish developer of Battlefield 4, DICE, ?and its publisher, Electronic Arts hosted Battlefest ? a month-long event that will hand various goodies and bonuses to its participants. During?weekends, Battlefest hands out double experience (XP) to participants.

  • Battleshots

DICE and EA also unveiled Battleshots ? a daily contest where players can send their screenshots of the game. A winner will be chosen everyday, and the lucky player will get a Battlefield 4 premium membership, a DICE store gift card worth $50 and a grand prize ? an AMD Radeon GPU.

  • Free Goodies

If that is not enough, every week, player will get a free unlockable camo and by early next month, players will receive another double experience over?the weekend.

Community missions will be handed out every week

  • Stunt Video Competition

DICE will select twelve finalists for the competition and the top winners will be voted by fans. The top three finalists will each get a PC with an AMD processor valued at $3,000, while the remaining nine will each get a video card from AMD worth at least $300.

The Battlefest event will help the players get the much needed experience and gears for Battlefield 4?s newest DLC pack ? Dragon?s Teeth.

  • Dragon?s Teeth DLC

The new expansion coming out this week will hand out five new weapons namely:

  1. Desert Eagle ? a semi-automatic pistol
  2. Unica 6 Mateba Model ? a semi-automatic revolver
  3. McMillan CS5 ? also known as the ?Concealable Subsonic / Supersonic Suppressed Sniper System ? a bolt action sniper rifle
  4. SIG-Sauer MPX ? a submachine gun
  5. Gen-4 SRSS Bulldog 762 ? bullpup assault rifle with an internal build identical to the M-14 Rifle. The rifle uses the NATO cartridge 7.62×51 mm.

The DLC will also feature new gadgets which players can unlock and new battle pickup:

Ballistic Shield ? a hand held shield that can defend the player from handguns, shotguns and submachine guns.

R.A.W.R. ? this battle pickup is a heavily armed ground vehicle which players can remotely control.

  • Four New Maps

The DLC will feature four new maps, Lumphini Garden, Pearl Market, Propaganda and Sunken Dragon.

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