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Battlefield 4: How To Use The R.A.W.R.

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If you have played Battlefield 4 Dragon?s Teeth, chances are, ?you?ve probably seen or been shot by the R.A.W.R.

This new Battle Pickup that has been added in the Dragon?s Teeth DLC is perhaps one is the most fun in the game, but on the contrary, it can also be the most frustrating, depending on the situation.
Today, we will show you how to properly use the R.A.W.R. and where you will be able to find one.

You will find the R.A.W.R. in Battle Pickups laying around the four newly added multiplayer maps that are included in the Dragon?s Teeth. Apparently, we do not know how many these bad boys are, but what we do know is that they spawn in the same location every match. Which means that once you find one and used it, you can return to that location again after the game, and take another crack at it once more.

E.g.: If you are looking at Propaganda in the Conquest Large map, a R.A.W.R. is located near the E objective, and another one located in the A objective near the monument. Head to either one of those areas and search for an icon that shows a briefcase with a star inside. An on-screen prompt will pop up when you approach it, and will show you what button to press to pick the R.A.W.R. up.

Now that this bad boy is in your hands now, let us tell you first what exactly the R.A.W.R. is. Basically, it is an EOD Bot that?s been mixed up in performance enhancing drugs. It controls like an EOD Bot, which means that it is a little bit unsteady, but its firepower is undeniably pretty amazing.

The R.A.W.R. comes with 600 machine gun rounds, but you won?t be able to spam an endless amount of fire with it. Just like a Gatling gun or some other heavy machine guns, this weapon overheats. So you should give it a second to cool down before firing again.

Its second weapon, though, is quite useless. It is a Grenade Launcher with a capacity of 12 rounds, but keep in mind, it only does very little damage unless you get a direct hit. So don?t ?rely on it too much.

Because the R.A.W.R. is ?remote controlled, you may be able to attack or defend without putting yourself in harm?s way. Well, as long as somebody won?t be able to see you while you?re hiding in a corner, looking like an idiot. (lol)


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