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Battlefield 4: How To Unlock the MPX

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In Battlefield 4 Dragon?s Teeth, if you?re an Engineer and has a run-and-gun play style, the new MPX Personal Defense Weapon is going to fit you perfectly. Let us show you how to get a hold of the MPX.

While this assignment will not be that difficult, there will be an aspect to it that may annoy players who do not run as a squad. But before we even get that point, you might want to check first if you meet the criteria to accomplish this assignment. First, you need to play at least one round, on any Dragon?s Teeth map. And second, ?you must reach a rank of 10.

If you meet all the requirements, you can now begin with the assignment, and here is what you need to do:

  • 2PDW Ribbons
  • Link 10 points in Chain Link
  • Get ?Squad Order Followed? 10 times

The first requirement of of this assignment is pretty simple and easy. All you have to do is use a PWD, (Personal Defense Weapon) which can be found in the Engineer class ? for a few games. While using a PWD, the ribbon will require you to kill 6 foes. So if you?ll manage to kill 12 in a round, this part of your assignment will be completed.

The assignment?s second part is going to require you to spend a couple of games on Chain Link. This is very easy if you ask me. Just play the game like you would normally do and this part will be completed before you know it. If you decide to play an hour or two of the game mode, there would not be any reason to accomplish this task.

Now for the last part, if you usually run with a squad and you always communicate with each other, this part of the assignment would not be difficult at all. However, if you are in a squad where your leader is as lame as a duck, it would take years, centuries even, to complete this final task.

Squad Orders will be given out by a Squad Leader. So basically, Leaders are going to order you to defend or attack an objective. You can do that by looking at the objective, bringing up the Command Wheel and choosing between Attack or Defend. If you accomplish the squad order, both of you will get points for working together as a team. But you?re going to have a big problem if you got yourself a leader who does not employ this feature. How are you going to complete this assignment? It?s quite obvious actually. You will need to hop to different squad, maybe a couple of times ? until you find a competent squad leader. When this task is completed, the MPX will now be unlocked.



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