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Battlefield 4: How To Unlock The CS5 Sniper Rifle

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Tips on how to unlock the CS5 Sniper Rifle in Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth.

Battlefield 4 Dragons? Teeth gave players access to four new multiplayer maps and a batch of new weapons, and we have already covered most of them. And now, let us continue on that trend with the new CS5 Sniper Rifle. We are going to tell you how you?ll be able to unlock it, and in addition, we?ll tell you how to properly use this bad boy.

This assignment will not prove very difficult, well, as long as you don?t mind doing a little sniping. Before starting the assignment, you must own a Dragon?s Teeth DLC first, play one round on any Dragon?s Teeth map and reach the rank of 10. However, that?s only the easy part. The more challenging part is completing the tasks to unlock the CS5 Sniper Rifle, and here is what you need to do.

  • Acquire 2 Sniper Rifle Ribbons
  • Acquire 10 Radio Beacon Spawns
  • Get 20 Spot Assists

Getting 2 Sniper Rifle Ribbons is much more difficult than the other two tasks in this assignment, well if you are not fond of using those weapons. If that is the case, then it would be wise to just bang this one out in Team Deathmatch. You must use an ACOG scope, and if you can, use the Canted Ironsights. When you spawn, quickly switch to Canted Ironsights by default, and just run around like you normally would. If you find yourself a target at a long distance, switch to your ACOG and blow his brains out by landing a headshot. You need to kill 6 enemies using a Sniper Rifle in a round to acquire one ribbon, so this task would not take too long to accomplish. Now, for the two final tasks. Well, this should be quite easy, as ?it can happen naturally if you manage to deploy a Radio Beacon from the Recon class, and spot every target that you will be able to see.

Now that the CS5 Sniper Rifle is your hands, you should try to use it on smaller game modes like Domination and Team Deathmatch. But if ever you?re crazy enough to use it on Conquest Large, go for the Dragon?s Teeth DLC or maps like Operation Metro. We advise you to use the CS5 Sniper Rifle in an urban setting because this is where it is intended to be used.


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