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Battlefield 4: How To Unlock The Bulldog Assault Rifle

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Now that the Battlefield 4 Dragon?s Teeth is in full swing for Premium members, hardcore Battlefield players are beginning to taste some of the new weapons and gadgets DICE have included in the game. And one of those cool new weapons is the Bulldog Assault Rifle.

And today, you?re in luck! Because we?re going to show you how you will be able to unlock this badass rifle.

Unlocking the Bulldog Assault Rifle is pretty simple. For many people, we think that it may happen without even trying. Just like the criteria on How To Unlock The MPX, first, you need to play at least one round, on any Dragon?s Teeth map. And second, ?you must reach a rank of 10.

If you meet all the requirements, you can now begin with the assignment, and here is what you need to do:

  • While you are on foot as an Assault, kill 10 Recon enemies who?re also on foot.
  • While you are on foot as an Assault, kill 10 Engineer enemies who?re also on foot.
  • While you are on foot as an Assault, kill 10 Support enemies who?re also on foot.

Important Note:
You will be able to complete the kill tasks on any map in Battlefield 4, even if it is not in Dragon?s Teeth. However, bear in mind that some assignments have proved demanding. If you are in Flood Zone and your kills are not counting, just head back to anything on Dragon?s Teeth.

Actually, the Bulldog Assault Rifle is not quite different from the famous SCAR-H. I mean, yeah, they?re completely different weapons, but if you go to Battlelog and look for the comparison chart, those two babies match up logically well. The Bulldog Assault Rifle and SCAR-H has an identical range and can do the same amount of damage. Where the two differ, however, is while the SCAR-H is definitely more accurate, the Bulldog Assault Rifle?s rate of fire is much faster.


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