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Battlefield 4 : How To Unlock Deagle 44

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In video games, when it comes to weapons, the bigger ones are always the best. At least that?s what most of the gamers seem to think. But that?s not the case of Battlefield 4 Dragon?s Teeth DLC?s brand new pistol, the Deagle 44. The powerful handgun is capable of one shot headshot kills, as well as an enormous damage in just about any situation, and gamers are comparing it to the .44 Magnum.
The difference between these two powerful handguns, however, is that the Deagle carries three more rounds and it does not have a delay when you pull the trigger.

Now that we have convinced you how powerful the Deagle 44 is, let us show you how you will be able to get a hold of this badass baby.

Unlike most of the new weapons that have been released via DLC, you have to complete an assignment to unlock the Deagle 44. Actually, you must complete a complete assignment for you to unlock the assignment you must complete (what??).

You should tackle Big Splash first, an assignment that will require you to initiate the floodgates on the Sunken Garden map, and to get 5 kills while you?re swimming. Neither of the two will be pretty difficult, but be aware that every player is trying to do the same thing.

Activating the floodgates will be pretty tricky, and just like what we said earlier, almost everyone will be doing the same thing.?Without exaggeration, you will never be alone in the room where the floodgates are located, and you may see several teammates all trying to do the same assignment. This task is kind of complicated because you will not be able to initiate the floodgates in an unlimited number of times. The gates will enter a cool down period before it can be operated again once raised or lowered. This will result in heavy firefights while everyone battles for this position.

Getting the five kills while you?re swimming will just be a piece of cake. Keep in mind, though, you must do this while you?re swimming, not just? while you are in the water. Simply go to the flood zone and you will be able to bang it, in a couple of minutes.

After completing the Big Splash assignment, you?ll be unlocking the Unica 6 handgun, an essential part of the next one.

The Recoil Kinetics?assignment?s next. This is fairly straightforward, but might take a while. You should reach a rank of 10, but the true test is to use the Unica 6 to get 20 headshots. You can somehow speed this up by hopping into a game of Team Deathmatch. Play it like you normally would and wait for the perfect opportunity to make a handgun headshot.

Upon completing these two assignments, both the Unica 6 and the Deagle 44 will be unlocked.


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