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Battlefield 4 : How To Unlock Ballistic Shield

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Now that Premium members can now avail of the Battlefield 4 Dragon?s Teeth, they begin to battle it out in the new Chain Link game mode, and they are also working very hard to accomplish a new batch of assignments.

The Ballistic Shield is not exactly a weapon, but it is also considered a hot item and can be unlocked for the Support class. So we thought it would be a great idea to share with you a few tips on how to accomplish the Vanguard Assignment to unlock the Ballistic Shield.

Your assignment?s first part isn?t that hard, and that is to get 5 Savior Kills. Just like how it sounds.. You must kill an enemy and save a teammate from harm. Yeah, being heroic is kinda cool and dandy, but this type of kill is quite difficult to plan. But still, you won?t have any trouble knocking this task off your list.

Your second task would be getting 20 Suppression Assists. This may sound strange, but in this task, you actually don?t have to shoot your opponent. You will make your enemies become disoriented by shooting close to them, then you will let your teammate finish the job.
Obviously, this task is not something you can control, but you can do certain things to increase your chances. Try to use a Sniper Rifle from the Recon class or an LMG from the Support class. Use your Sniper Rifle to spot targets from a distance or send a hail of bullets down the narrow pathways using the LMG. But you can let them happen naturally, the Suppression Assists, by playing the game as you normally would if you?re not in a hurry.

The last task for the Vanguard Assignment would be to Destroy 3 Enemy Explosives. These explosives can be M2 Slams, M15 AT Mines, C4 or Claymores. You will not be able to control where your enemies will deploy them, obviously, but you will be able to play maps that are much likely to see heavy use.

Join a game of Conquest Large, then get yourself a Light Armored Vehicle. You can usually find explosives near vehicles, but there are no guarantees. As you are moving, keep an eye on the ground for explosives, and once you find them, shoot every piece of it to accomplish your last task for the Vanguard Assignment, and to unlock the Ballistic Shield.


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