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Battlefield 4 CTE Gets Netcode And Gameplay Improvements

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It seems that developers from DICE have been working extensively with their Battlefied 4 CTE project. They are also doing a good job keeping tab with their fans regarding the latest updates of the game.

In a recent blog post from DICE, they said they have been testing a lot of stuff in the Community Test Environment (CTE). Among them are bug fixes and gameplay tweaks based on analysis of data, streamed gameplay, and reactions from the players.

Apparently, the developers have been working hard making netcode improvements. They said they have been looking at how to ?decrease the feeling of getting killed? when behind cover and getting killed without initially seeing a damage indicator. The improvements have already been implemented and they plan to fix other issues in the upcoming months.

Aside from netcode, there are also gameplay adjustments made:

  • Shield bash damage has been tweaked, it is no longer possible to one-hit kill enemies. The Ballistics shield now better matches with the initial design intent.
  • Single tank AP-rounds now kill those carrying the Ballistics Shield, something that previously wasn?t possible.

There also seems to be a few changes in Rush, so you might as well check it out. They stated they are going to focus their testing on the Siege of Shanghai, Zavod 311, and Operation Locker. The goal for these changes is to increase the ?balance and flow? of the Rush round. Here?s some tweaks made into Rush mode:

  • Commander has been removed by default in Rush
  • Radar sweep has been reduced around attackers base
  • Many per map specific changes, MCOM placement and cover passes.

DICE also said that in the future, they will be looking to improve in other areas such as weapon balancing, weapon suppression tuning, vehicle tuning, and several visual enhancements.

The Battlefield 4 CTE is a first-person shooter game that was designed for a limited number of players to play a different version of the original Battlefield 4 to test new patches and updates before releasing them to public. It is available only to premium members of Battlefield 4.

Image Source: Battlefield 4 Official Site

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