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Battlefield 1 WW1 Christmas Truce Recreation An Epic Fail

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Battlefield 1
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If you?ve been on social media during this time of the year then odds are, you know by now the popular story of the Allied and German soldiers who had a historic cease fire just to celebrate Christmas back in 1914. Well, some Battlefield 1 players tried to recreate the historic truce in the spirit of Christmas and ended up failing hilariously.

Holiday Truce

The latest leaks from datamining had revealed the new Holiday Truce dogtag. Since the word got out, players had then speculated that one way of attaining the dog tag is by having an in-game truce. There was also more incentive to the trust since many players continued speculating that such a truce might unlock other things beyond the mysterious Holiday Truce dogtag.

It’s A War Game

Battlefield 1 players got together during a match in a bid to recreate the miraculous WW1 ceasefire that happened back 1914. However, things didn?t go according to plan.

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Attempts to have an in game truce had yielded no results. DICE had given out the dogtag to players but had nothing in particular planned for players who attempted to reenact the historic truce.

This resulted in a lot of grumpy players hoping to unlock something special holding back on their trigger fingers. Unlike the real soldiers who went through the trenches of WW1 that Christmas day, these pixelated warriors just weren?t able to hold back their bloodlust long enough. Upon learning that their truce would be fruitless, players quickly went back to spitting lead and insults at each other. This time with even greater fervour.

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One player said: ?Damn your truce.? On the Battlefield 1 reddit page, one user said: ?I want my n00b harvest.? while another one said ?F*ck that shit.?

Needless to say that the Battlefield 1 truces ended up failing hilariously. Battlefield 1 players may have failed at sharing the spirit of Christmas this holiday season, but at least we?ll still have the real 1914 truce to commemorate each holiday season.?

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