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Battlefield 1 Update: Premium Pass To Feature 16 Maps Over 4 DLCs

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EA and Dice just announced today the Premium Pass for their upcoming game Battlefield 1. Those planning to get the pass will enjoy a heap of new features including the first DLC, They Shall Not Pass.

Players get to have two weeks worth of early access for the expansion as well as 16 new multiplayer maps. They also get to have 20 new weapons, new elite classes and new vehicles. Apart from these, buyers of the pass also get to enjoy playing two army factions – the French and the Russian Empire.

Before everything gets properly released, players will be able to enjoy a few of its features this August. EA and Dice will be releasing the Battlefield 1 public beta test at end of the month.

In the said public beta test, players get to play the Sinai Desert map. Players can skirmish each other along the narrow streets of Bir el Mazar. They also get to play two game modes, Conquest and Rush. In conquest mode, teams battle each other on key objectives. The team that manages to achieve more game objectives wins the match. In rush game mode, the attacking team must destroy the defender’s outposts in order to win the game. The defending team can hinder the opposing team by disarming the bombs that the have planted at the outposts.

Battlefield 1

The Battlefield 1 public beta will be released on Aug. 31. Interested players have until Aug. 21 to register for the test. To do so, players would need to register through Battlefield Insider website. From there, players can chose what type of platform they intend to play the public beta test.

The Premium Pass will cost gamers $49.99. This may seem a lot but gamers will get four DLCs for the entire season.

The first of the four DLCs will be available on March 21, 2017. However, pre-order starts as early as today.

Battlefield 1 will come to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Oct 21.

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