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Battlefield 1 Update: Battlefield 1 Public Beta Opening On Aug. 31

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Battlefield 1

Electronic Arts has announced from the Battlefield website that they will be releasing the Battlefield 1 public beta at the very end of August.

At the current standing, the beta test is only available to Battlefield Insider members. Fortunately, gamers have until the 21st of August to register for the said release. To be part of Battlefield Insider, players will have to sign up from the Battlefield Insider page and select their platform preference. After that, the player has to sit and wait for EA to send the play-early code. Once in possession of the code, gamers can download the game on-release.

The Battlefield 1 public beta will feature the Sinai Desert map, a scorching and desolate battlefield located east of El-Jifar. Insiders will be able to play skirmishes within the narrow village streets of Bir el Mazar. They will also be able to do dogfights as well as engage in epic battles.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymwXbF1VTKU]

The public beta will be divided into two gameplay modes:


For hardcore Battlefield fans, conquest is a large-scale game mode that can have up to 64 players at a time. As with the previous instalment, these players will be fighting over key objectives. Players will fight on-foot of behind the wheel. There is also the Behemoth, an armored train that charges through the desert sands bringing in reinforcement.


Rush is bit different from conquest. In rush, the player number is only limited to 24 – 12 attacking, 12 defending. Attackers must find and destroy the defenders? telegraph posts by planting explosives around it. Defenders, on the other hand, can disarm these bombs and deny the attackers their mission objective. If the defenders fail to protect their current post, they must fall back to the next sector and protect the telegraph post there.

Battlefield 1 is set to launch on the 21st of October to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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