Battlefield 1 Update 1.04 Downgrades PS4 Pro Performance?

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Battlefield 1 update 1.04

The Battlefield 1 update 1.04 has lowered the game?s performance on PS4 Pro. Many players, after downloading the latest patch, suggest that the update has significantly downgraded the performance as frame-rate drops lower now, the textures look blurry, and image quality has been decreased. According to players, the changes in temporal anti-aliasing may have brought the issues and made the game look like they are playing on a standard PS4.

In the game?s patch notes, there?s nothing specific written about the changes for PS4 Pro. But as the patch affects both PS4 and PS4 Pro versionss, it is possible that some specific changes for the platform may have affected the upgraded one. A majority of fans are citing a tweet posted by one of the developers. The developer said, ?I think we’re under NDA with Sony and Microsoft so I can’t share any details there.? Although the tweet was not meant for the current update patch, the statement made some fans believe that the developer has intentionally downgraded the graphic quality on the new console.

On the other hand, there are fans who believe that this is not an intentional move and it is due to some changes in the core files and will be fixed in the coming days. The developer has not acknowledged this problem, but it doesn?t mean that the patch has not brought any trouble. EA DICE itself has acknowledged that the game has some issues with graphics. A fan reported that the game started to flicker after the latest Battlefield 1 update. EA in response said that they have seen the reports for similar issues and the developers will be looking into it.

The patch notes for the Battlefield 1 fall update have been released, and according to the new patch details, the TAA improvements have been done on both PS4 and Xbox One. An image (available below) shared by a gamer on reddit highlights the visuals from the game before and after the patch.?

EA has also not responded to these reports, so it is still uncertain whether the PS4 Pro version has been downgraded for all or only a few people are facing these issues.

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