Battlefield 1 Is Unrealistic, But So Are Other Battlefield Games

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Battlefield 1

Due to Battlefield 1?s World War 1 setting, players and critics often take the game?s historical accuracy to account in assessing its quality. Due to its fast-moving vehicles and the abundance of full-automatic weapons, Battlefield 1 is considered unrealistic and unfaithful to its setting. Similar to other modern Battlefield entries, the game?s inaccuracy might have been done to keep the game fun to play, Here?s a video from LevelCap Gaming that further stresses this discussion.

Through the Battlefield 1 footage from the Battlefield Squads showcase last E3, fans were able to see some early build gameplay. Weapons, land vehicles and air vehicles were mostly seen in the streams of the showcase. According to Levelcap, Battlefield 1 players had access to many full-automatic weapons and vehicles that were uncharacteristically speedy, which resulted in the fast pace of the game instead of the expected usual slow gameplay from World War 1 shooters. The early military technology used in that time period limited players to slower Bolt-action rifles, few automated technology to assist the player, and slower vehicles.

About the game?s historical inaccuracy, EA DICE?s upcoming shooter uses many prototype guns during the World War 1 era which may explain the abundance of full-automatic weapons in the game. Usually, military forces use accurate rifles with slower rates of fire, and bolt-action rifles were mainly used rather than machine guns and submachine guns back in World War 1.

These prototypes could have never been used because they haven?t been developed during the time of the war or there were barely enough stock to be used in the World War 1 skirmishes. Additionally, tanks were supposed to be slower due to their immense size and weight of their armor. Engine technologies at the time could only speed up the tank decently, but never fast enough to make it skid or drag.

These inaccuracies might have been intended to balance out the speed of the game and make it more similar to the modern Battlefield entries. As LevelCap Gaming pointed out, the recent Battlefield entries set in modern days were also inaccurate in some of its weapons such as a prototype gun that hasn?t been released yet, but is widely used by squads in Battlefield 4. Another example are choppers being extremely easy to maneuver and its ?TV-controlled rockets which shoot out a cord with the missile so players can direct the rocket accordingly. Modern Battlefield entries also has soldiers with tons of supportive gadgets and advanced explosives to help deal with their foes.

EA may have had to find a way to make a World War 1 shooter faster without the use of too much gadgets and highlighting the technologies that existed during World War 1?s time. Perhaps Battlefield 1 is more focused on making the World War 1 shooter a fun experience rather than being solely a recreation of World War as depicted in history books.

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