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Battlefield 1 Release Date: Beta To Launch Soon; New Trailer Reveals Weird Weapons

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Battlefield 1
Battlefield 1

GamesCom 2016 is around the corner and, ahead of its event in Germany, EA DICE have dropped a new footage of Battlefield 1 showcasing the game?s all new arsenal.

Unlike previous Battlefield games set in modern era, the latest franchise of the popular first-person shooter is set in the World War I, making the weaponry in the game significantly different.

The latest video of gameplay features several of the Battlefield?s weapons in action, including machine guns, rifles, sidearms, and melee weapons. The varied array of weapons even include hand held spiked maces and clubs, meaning that combat was often up close and personal and fought from very close quarters.

The video also features DICE developers talking about the WWI-era inspired weapons and the different kind of warfare set in the era for which the studio put a lot of effort in background research. The development team is seen test firing some of the real weapons to ensure that the sound and feel of weapons in the game is as accurate as possible.

While the details are still unclear there will be apparently six categories of weapons. These will include Shotguns, Sub-Machine guns, Light Machine guns, Semi Autos, Sidearms and Sniper Rifles. More details are expected at the DICE event at GamesCom 2016 and according to Randy Evans, the senior video and media director at the Battlefield Studio another trailer is to be released.

Battlefield 1 Beta Release

It?s also possible we?re going to get a date for the multiplayer beta soon, as Battlefield 1 Alpha has already been concluded, reports Movie.News.Guide. Although there is no official word regarding the Battlefield 1 beta release date, it is more likely expected to start ?shortly after? gamescom, according to Sebastian Moritz, Battlefield community manager in Germany.

Gamescom takes place 17-21 August, so a late August/ early September launch for the beta only seems logical. So don?t forget to sign up for Battlefield Insider in order get early access to the Battlefield 1 Open Beta.

Pre-Order Battlefield 1

Meanwhile, Battlefield 1 Exclusive Collector’s Edition is available via Amazon for $130 ($104 with Amazon Prime) that only includes a bunch of real-world and in-game items, but not the full game itself. The Amazon Exclusive Collector’s Edition includes a 14-inch statue, a steel bookcase, a cloth poster, a deck of cards, a messenger pigeon tube that holds codes for DLC content, and a patch.

Battlefield 1 Collectors Edition

Battlefield 1 Collectors Edition

Also, Amazon is selling the game with Collector’s Standard Edition for $190 ($152 with Prime) which features all the items above along with the physical game. You can even pick up the Deluxe version of the Exclusive Collector’s Edition for $220 ($176 with Prime). This includes a couple DLC packs containing themed weapons and vehicles, as well as five Battlepacks.

Battlefield 1 launches on October 21 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, but you can play it on the 18th if you pre-order the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition or are an EA or Origin Access subscriber.

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