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Battlefield 1 Premium Trials On Track For July, Makes All Paid DLC Maps Playable

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Battlefield 1
Source: Battlefield 1 Official Reveal Trailer video

EA has announced that regular Battlefield 1 players will be able to access its DLC maps. Two features, namely, Premium Friends and Premium Trials, will be implemented in the coming months. The new features will be able to help the game’s player base stay healthy in the long run.

EA is on track to launch their Premium Trials feature this month. The official Battlefield Twitter recently reminded players of the features they announced at EA Play 2017.

As listed on the official EA Battlefield 1 site, new maps and premium features are promised to arrive up until this September. The Premium Friends feature will be available up until Gamescom starts, while the Premium Trials will start this month. Both features will make previous DLC maps available to players who didn’t avail of the season pass.

The Premium Friends feature allows non-season pass players to play on the DLC maps if they have a premium player on the team. Players are encouraged to find premium player friends to hop on the DLC maps as soon as possible. Alternatively, premium players could also be found in communities like Reddit. Gamescom will start this coming August 23 which means players still have nearly two months to enjoy this new feature.

Meanwhile Premium Trials is alternative way to play in paid DLC maps for non-season pass owners. However, more details regarding Premium trials have yet to be announced.

So far, both of these features will help fans return to pick up Battlefield 1 again. Having paid DLC maps split up the community, so it’s nice to see EA try to remedy this problem. However, we’ve yet to see if Battlefield 1 will be successful in attracting more players back into their game with this model. Stay updated with more Battlefield 1 news here on The BitBag.

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